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Rear support arm track control arm
Better support & handling
back of viggen

Viggen Rescue Kit Limited Slip Diff.
Viggen Rescue kit

Xenon lights Hi-flow intercooler
Xenon Lights so you can see where you're flying!!
Viggen Jet

SaAB 9-3 Viggen project car - 340bhp

Saab 9-3 Viggen, side view
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Andy has given his MY 2000 9-3 Viggen Convertible the Abbott Racing treatment. The car came from the factory with an ample 230 bhp. The car was fitted with a number of up-rated parts from the Abbott line:

  • ECU upgraded
  • Hybrid Turbo fitted
  • High Flow Intercooler and pipes
  • Performance Exhaust and CAT
  • Viggen Rescue kit (for better handling)
  • Limited Slip Diff

After fitting the above items the car is now estimated to develop an astonishing 340 bhp! And there's more traction to boot!

Please call in or contact us to discuss fitting of any Abbott Racing parts to your Saab.

Sport Cat Sports cat fitted
High-flow Sport Cat and down-pipe
back of viggen

Hi-flow intake pipe Hi-flow intercooler
High-flow Intercooler & intake pipe

Hi-flow turbo pipe Performance air filter
High-flow induction System
Hybrid Turbo

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